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What are the Duties of a Creative Designer?

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Every business needs different kinds of employees. A company is run by different people. employees are the wheels of the company. From guard to office boy and from manager to CEO, everyone is a part of the whole system.

If you have a company then you will need to market it as well or you can say that you need to market it and advertise it as well. and since every employee has its own work to do, the marketing field is handled by different people.

You will need to hire a creative designer who used to work in the best branding agencies in UAE and who worked in the best creative branding agency in Dubai. You must be wondering that who is this person. Well, to know that you have to keep reading because here we have stated the duties of creative designer and you will know who is a creative designer, keep reading to know more;

  1. The first thing that the creative designer has to do is study the requirement that is needed for the company and make a list of things that can be done within a small period of time and which are beneficial in the long run.
  2. The next thing the creative designer needs to see that what are the small projects that are needed to improve the company and that must be done in a budget as well.
  3. There are different kind of owners and not all of us are not good at understanding the business language and that is why you need to conceptualize the ideas for projects and businesses.
  4. And for that you need to make presentations as well and that should be easy to understand as well.
  5. There can be times when the company is totally rebranding and they might ask you to make logos and different designs as well. and for that you will need to learn about different software as well and use the best way of each color and see which one suits best.
  6. You will need to hire a marketing or rebranding team as well.
  7. You will need feedback as well and the whole team and the management of the office will review it, so you will need to be very patient.