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Facts About Shisha

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Smoking is boring and old and out dated – shisha is the new type of smoking. Old smoking has one flavor and it leaves a bad smell, whereas, shisha has the most tasteful and flavorful flavors. May be you did not get this line? We thought so and that is why we will explain this to you. Shisha is like a hookah, this is a type of you can say a big cigarette. It has a base that can be filled with all sorts of liquids like coke, beer, milk and even plain water.

Coming to the top, it has a neck with two mouths where the pipe is fixed and you suck the smoke. Just like you drink cola from a straw or smoke like a cigarette. Above it is a small bowl type thing with an extended bottom like old cups, but this one will have a really small mouth, here the flavor will be add and there are small holes in this cup that make the smoke get easy to suck. Leave one hole for best density of smoke and then cover it with a foil paper and make small holes on the paper. This is done to keep the coals on the paper. There are some shishas that have only one mouth on the neck which means only one pipe on the shisha and there is an exhaust on the opposite side of the mouth.

If you want to know more about it then keep reading because here, we have stated some facts about shisha and these facts are verified by Smok novo and different companies of electronic shisha;

  1. Shisha was the invention of Arabs.
  2. You cannot drink alcohol in most gulf countries but the shisha is legal.
  3. There are over thousands of flavors of shisha.
  4. The world’s expensive shisha costs 16,000 dollars and it is designed by Porsche.
  5. The above one is not so expensive but difficult to buy one but the most expensive one costs 40,000 dollars and it is called the Desvall Gold limited edition, the outer of this shisha is made up of gold and the gold and crystal limited edition and it costs the same.
  6. Shisha is more harmful then cigarette, 20 puffs of it means 200 puffs of cigarette.

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