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Causes of Depression

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Depression is an increasing issue now a days. It was also a great deal before some years before but 2019, when the COVID-19 got out in the world, people have been devasted and they became more depressed. Some say depression is a phase but it is a mental illness. In the older days, people did not take depression seriously and whoever ended their lives due to depression and got addicted due to some reason, people would say that they are insane and let go of the matter. But fortunately, times have changed and people take depression seriously now.

What are the Major Causes of Depression?

There can be different reasons of depression. You cannot say that there is a specific reason for depression. Sometime even people don’t know that they are in depression unless they are diagnosed. There are still many unknown reasons of people getting depressed – psychologists are working on finding new reasons and symptoms. People do different things to get rid of depression like getting depression treatment in Dubai, travelling, doing their favorite things etc. So, one must know the basic and known reason.

  1. Abuse: abuse has different meanings when it comes to depression. There is verbal abuse, there is physical abuse, drug abuse, mental abuse and much more. This is the first major cause of depression.
  2. Specific Types of Medicines: there are some medicines in the medical world that when you intake these medicines, they have a very severe side affect and that can affect with your brain and result in depression.
  3. Conflict: there are many people who say that a certain friend can go away, they will not be missed. But if he or she is your very close friend, if you say that you won’t be bothered then you are wrong. Because deep down inside, you feel empty and halo and it causes an indirect affect on your brain which again, results in depression.
  4. Loss or a Death: death is inevitable and some people cannot bear the death of certain people or animals or any living creature. Regarding loss, it can be of a relationship, financially etc.
  5. Genetics: depression can be caused by genetics but don’t blame your ancestors, it can be cured and managed just like every other mental illness.

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