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Guide to set up a business in Dubai Media City (DMC)

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Dubai Media City was launched in 2011 and since that it has been hub for global media and businesses related to media. Dubai Media City provides amazing infrastructure and benefits for the businesses that are running there.

Business activities that are permissible in Dubai Media City

DMC was developed for global operations for media and businesses and anyone looking to start a company or business prefers free zones. These are the allowed business activities in the free zone of DMC:

  • Media and New Media
  • Information of business
  • Associations related to media
  • Media support services
  • Communication and advertisement
  • Event management
  • Marketing services 

Setting up a business in Dubai Media City

If you are a barber in Media City Dubai and hoping to start a hair related business as it is a need of media and advertisement, you can also start a hair salon in Dubai Marina because, it is only two kilometers far from DMC. For any kind of business, the first thing you need to do is to fill an online form to the authorities of DMC, they evaluate it in five days.

Once the application is approved, you need to provide all the legal documents and a customer confirmation letter will be generated for you within two to three days.

After that, the payment is made by returning the signed confirmation letter to the authorities. Memorandum of Association is signed and you are provided with the license to start a business in the end.

Types of licenses in Dubai Media City

  • Event planning and leisure related
  • Retail and consultancy
  • Marketing services along with media
  • Business services
  • Media sport associations

Advantages of setting a business in Dubai Media City free zone

UAE government launched this free zone to promote media and to provide a place for global media giants. Anyone who registers a company or business in this zone gets valuable advantages, such as:

  • Profits and capitals are 100% repatriated
  • 50-year exemption guarantee of income, corporate and personal taxes
  •  Ideal business location and opportunities for media personals
  • There is no import goods duty or any additional custom taxes
  • Immigration process includes fastest tracking
  • Visa service is available 24-hours a day
  • Foreign ownership is 100%
  • A number of governmental services available at one place
  • Media officials are able to interact and cooperate with each other through cluster working
  • Laws are business friendly.