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Important questions to ask in an employee feedback survey

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It is common thing that when your employees are satisfied with the job, they are more engaged, happy, and productive. Behind every successful business, there is a motivated and satisfied employee who makes it possible. Still, many organizations are not aware of the importance of employee feedback surveys.

However, here are some genuine reasons why employee satisfaction surveys are important for organizations.

  • People who are unsatisfied with their job are not productive.
  • Unsatisfied employees can be toxic to the organization.
  • They do not pay full attention to their work.
  • Unsatisfied employees can behave rudely to your customers; they can also ruin your brand’s reputation.

Therefore, it is essential to conduct employee feedback surveys to improve employee engagement at the workplace once a year.

Do they enjoy the company’s culture?

One of the important factors that encourage employees is the company’s culture. Research shows that most people who are more productive like their organizational culture. If employees are not happy with the culture, then it is hard to improve overall productivity.

Do they feel associated with coworkers?

When your employees have a good relationship with their coworkers, they are likely to perform more efficiently. However, if there is a conflict between coworkers at the workplace, it ruins their overall performance.

How do employees perceive changes?

It is crucial to understand how your staff perceives new changes in an organization. However, when you ask them for their suggestion, they can create a great impact on your company.

Does your management value your feedback surveys?

If you are going to conduct employee feedback surveys, make sure your staff value your feedback.  It doesn’t mean, if they don’t belong to senior management, they don’t have good ideas.

Do you feel valued for their contributions?

A recent engagement study revealed that only 20% of employees are aware of their hard work and contribution to the company. However, to get better results, make your employee recognition in an organization.

Do they think their work is meaningful?

It is a common thing if an employee understands that their work is not meaningful; they are likely to take less interest in the job, which affects overall production.

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