The best tactical vehicles ever made

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Other vehicles may be quicker, better gas mileage may be received, and they are almost definitely lighter, since armored tactical vehicles are designed for more. More defence, more stamina, more strength. In war, in dicey circumstances, and/or when society fails, they are what you want. This is what we learned when we went to look for some of the coolest tactical vehicles we’ve ever seen. Bikes, SUVs, even amphibians, these tactical vehicles are going to go where a Honda Civic just can’t.

Some will rock you through a wasteland or a chaos-filled city setting, some will be armoured against explosives and armor-piercing rounds. Although some of these SWAT armored trucks are toys reserved for official law enforcement and military use only, others are willing to make their Monday morning coffee run way cooler for any random individual (with enough cash) and even ready them for almost any un / foreseeable circumstances.

  • Two types of vehicles are manufactured by Rezvani: Beasts, lightweight, high-performance sports cars, and Tanks, very lightweight tactical SUVs.
  • Do not depend on roads being wide open and accessible when the apocalypse comes knocking, and do not expect omnipresent petrol.
  • Tactical vehicles used around the world by government agencies and private security companies are built by Canadian Terradyne.
  • Mil-Spec Auto comes from just outside Detroit and specialises in stripping Hummers down to their frames, covering it with black powder and making their custom vehicles as rugged as possible.
  • Toronto’s Conquest employs people to fire their SUVs at them. H.P. White Labs is the quality-certifying ballistics testing facility for all armoring components used on the flagship Knight XV Armored SUV of Conquest.
  • The military-focused Polaris Sportsman MV 850 will accommodate one rider plus a 200 hundred pound payload on the front rack and 400 pounds on the back, for a full weight of 850 pounds, for the hero who rides alone.
  • For law enforcement and military use, Lenco produces armoured vehicles. The BearCat X3 FireCat is one of their new offerings.
  • The Nomad Tactical, designed by the Ariel Motor corporation, packs a Honda 2.4 litre I engine that produces 230 horsepower and 200 foot-pounds of torque to propel its 1750 pounds in 3.5 seconds to 60 miles an hour, with a top speed of 120 miles an hour.